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“Patty, everyone can just go out on the internet and buy art.”

The word blog gives me a visual of strings of sentences laid on the floor like a pile of spaghetti.

I’m going to attempt a blog because I like the idea of a burst of thoughts. My English comp

teacher in high school gave me a C and I could never get it the way she thought best. So, full

disclosure, read at your own risk. My hope is that you, being curious enough to read this, grab a piece of spaghetti to chew on.

First topic: “Patty, you should work with designers.”

Oh my goodness. Please everyone go ahead and trust someone to find your curtains and pick your couch pillows, but how are they to know what is in your heart, what speaks to you? Is this a space you want to spend your time in? Your energy should be recharged by the special pieces of art you pick. For sure you want a comfortable couch, for sure. I do love working with designers. I have done work with hard and soft finishes for spaces myself. I play nice, but what I want to do is work with the client who wants to connect with art. I want to make sure they have the emotional response they want. A piece could be too much for the particular space they are looking to put it in. Then we go through the process of finding the perfect fit. So, I’ll work with designers and whoever else all day, but my client comes first.

2 nd topic ( I guess that doesn’t need to be announced, just date and title?

“Patty everyone can just go out on the internet and buy art.”

Well this is absolutely true. Follow this with people can buy anything on the internet. If you

want to know where to look, if you want to know how to look, if you want to know what you

are looking at, I can help you. If you are fine without help, you aren’t reading this because you

aren’t on my site.

A few things I can mention here. I follow art. I know events, I know auctions, I know individual

galleries and dealers. Do I know everything?.....not even close. I bring myself to events. I

connect with artists. I can research and find. I have resources to contact to get the job done for

you. It won’t be magic and it won’t be immediate. I love the process. Do you know if you are

paying too much for what you find on the internet, is that a concern for you? Do you not see

what you want by surfing around the world wide web? I can help.

3 rd topic

“Well, you have to buy that.”

I want to give an example of a client I had visiting Out of Africa in Montana Gallery. We had a

lovely evening chatting and I found out about some pieces he had hanging at home. Talked also

about some of his life experiences. This is what I love doing. So, he describes his staircase and I

know exactly that we have a pencil that is the right size, the right subject matter and the right

style. A match! But wait there is more…… He told me a story from looking at another piece and

when he finished the story, I said, “Well, you’ll have to buy that too.” He was taken aback by my

suggestion. I told him to take it off the wall and read the back of it. It was almost the exact

story he just related, but recorded by the artist on the back of the piece. Tell me that’s not

super cool!

Let me tell you about the Big Sky Art Auction! July 13-16 2022

This is one of the signature events of Outlaw Partners, based in beautiful Big Sky Montana.

Their event mission is to create connections and inspire others to act. Certainly the Big Sky Art

Auction does exactly this. I myself,as the Auction Art Director, have been hunting down art to

make the initial connections. We’ve invited artists to do meet and greets where more

connections will be made. We want to set the table for more organic conversations which in

the end inspire people to act. This is no ordinary art auction folks!

Outlaw Partners is committed to keep the soul in Big Sky as Big Sky grows. I have an equation

that guides the auction, soul in equals soul out. To me it’s exciting to share the artists voice

about their work. To share the historic information behind pieces, to educate. The

conversations I have encouraging the artists and getting to know their hearts is just a gift.

Included also are pieces from collections. I’ve spent time with the son of a deceased collector

and conveying the heart of a collector brings more soul.

We have panels with our theme of Collectors Collecting, yes, our auction has a theme! Dr

Michele Coriel will interview artists who have been collected. Derek Vandeberg Founder and

President of from Frame of Reference Fine Art with locations in Montana and Arizona and will

have conversations with people who help others build collections. Panels will be everyday live

at the event and replayed, kept always at The last panel is being lead by

the one and only Tom Nygard, a veteran gallerist, who will converse with the collectors

themselves. I simply cannot wait to hear these panels myself, and it truly excites me to know

everyone gets the opportunity to listen and learn.

Speaking of next year, kind of a secret, but we are going to need a second tent. Yep, the Big Sky

Art Auction is held under a big ole “Grand Tent”. The tent is a welcoming place with music,

food, gallerists on the “floor” (its wood chips) to engage with, art being created, artists to talk

with as I mentioned. Technology is sometimes tricky and we have people to help with that. I do

want to say so many people from around the world are in Big Sky in July. People who wouldn’t

necessarily venture into a gallery during their time get the art brought to them. If we peak

curiousity and that leads them into our local galleries, then the auction has created the rising

tide that lifts all the local art boats. The energy in the tent will be exactly right, the high

vibration art brings. We are preparing the stage for just that energy.

In that we are very much trying to create the win win win for everyone involved. The consignors

and artists set their own reserves. We are keeping bidder’s fees as low as we can. Bringing in

an auction items that are non traditional is another unique part of our auction. An example of

this is Alberto Hernandez who is a custom hat artist from Meshika who creates simply amazing

hats. We have a small live auction component to the auction on Saturday night and he will be

part of it. Everyone loves the live auction, we do offer proxy bidding and absentee bidding. The

forms are on our website.

We also have non profits involved for a win for them. This is important community building

connection Outlaw Partners incorporates into events. People are allowed to donate all or a

percentage of their reserve to any of our non profits. This year, with the theme of Collector

Collecting, we’d like to give an opportunity for young collectors to jump in. The non profit table

will have a variety of prints for sale, with profits going to them. The auction simply facilitates

this. Everyone has the opportunity to purchase art at the art auction.

Our auction actually starts July 1. The event Director, Conner Clemens isn’t afraid of managing

the logistics and marketing of not one, but two preview events. The Bozeman Art Museum

hosts July 1. BAM is one of our non profits, a new museum that has already brought in and

created some incredible shows. We have a preview in Big Sky on July 8 where the galleries in

Big Sky will be our hosts. The entire auction opens on the evening of July 13. With the

previews and, with the tent open three and a half days for the public to see the art, we expand

the opportunity for the auction to be successful. We are working for the people that

committed their art to our auction. This is our first year of publishing a catalog. It will be

available at the previews as well as distributed. Well and of course being involved with

Western Art Collector is a huge step in establishing our event.

Western Art Collector magazine is already committed to being closely involved next year. Don’t

worry I already have the theme…..

Big Sky is a special place. This event showcases local area artists, which to me includes

neighboring states, of course, but also exciting is bringing people in from Colorado, Arizona,

New Mexico and California this year. I have my eye set on Texas.

Treecha Anne Fine Art is my business and my motivation in connecting people with art works

perfectly with my involvement in the Big Sky Art Auction. For me this will be my favorite 4 days

of the year, talking with people non stop about art. Loving my work, I plan on connecting with

people year around to keep bringing the awesome to the Big Sky Art Auction.


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